Werner Paddles Trance Performance Travel 85 Paddle


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Leaving on a jet plane, need my paddle to pack into my bag. Well try the Werner Paddles Performance Travel 85! The Trance Performance Travel comes in three adjustable lengths 70”-77.5”, 74”-81.5” (the most popular, fitting the majority of paddleboarders), and 80”-87.5” all in a 3-piece paddle easily able to pack down and fit into a bag for air travel. WIth years of experience in design and shaping, Werner created a new blade shape that will keep you on the water for hours enjoying every moment. This longer, rectangular blade shape puts less stress on the body with a more gentle catch allowing for high cadence paddling with less fatigue so you can go further and stay on the water longer. This design along with the lightweight, carbon construction of the blade causes the blade to “pop” from the water, giving you an easy forward stroke and confident bracing. The Trance SUP Paddle features Werner’s dihedral blade face for smooth, stable paddling without paddle flicker in the power stage. The carbon shaft allows paddleboarders the endurance that comes with a lightweight paddle along with the strength and flex for confident, all-day comfort.

- Dihedral blade face for steady, smooth paddling
- New, longer, rectangular blade shape for low fatigue and gentle catch
- Carbon construction keeps this paddle lightweight
- Blade that "pops" from the water for easy forward paddling


Additional Info

Surface Area 85 Inch2
Blade Length 17.75"
Blade Width 6.5"
Blade Angle 10 degree
Grip SUP Palm Grip
Shaft Material Carbon
Weight 21.5 oz.
Adjustable Range 70" - 77.5" | 74" - 81.5" | 80" - 87.5"
Construction Carbon


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