Werner Paddles Rip Stick 89 Paddle


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Catered specifically to paddle surfing, the Werner Rip Stick is designed to provide superb power on a high cadence paddle that won’t trip you up or get in the way. For this Werner designed the double concave dihedral blade face for extra power on a smaller outline paddle. This double concave shape creates a power pocket in the blade face, allowing a higher cadence paddle with greater speed and high power to get you in the sweet spot of the wave. This shape couples with Werner’s 7-degree blade angle to provide SUP surfers with an excellent paddle that remains more vertical during those short, quick strokes. The full-carbon shaft is customized with a greater flex than standard Werner paddles to reduce stress on the body from the power strokes.

Available in both standard and Small fit (perfect for those with smaller hands), the Werner Rip Stick 89 is perfect for medium to large paddle surfers.

NOTE: Werner paddles are custom built per order. Please allow an additional 5 to 7 days before shipment.

- 7-degree blade angle for a more vertical shape during short, fast strokes
- Double concave dihedral blade face for more power
- SUP Palm Grip
- Increased flex on full-carbon shaft


Additional Info

Surface Area 89 Inch2
Blade Length 16.25"
Blade Width 7.75"
Blade Angle 7 degree
Grip SUP Palm Grip
Shaft Material Carbon
Weight 16.25 oz.
Adjustable Range Fixed



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