Stand on Liquid Alphahawk Race Carbon 14'0" Paddle Board Package


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Name it and Stand on Liquid Alphahawk Race Carbon 14'0" Paddle Board has it. Being lean and light it can fight all the super SUP boards in the industry and can prove to be better with its strong and long body. All the features come with Carbon-constructed rail-to-rail volume that gives it proper speed and agility.

- FREE Stand on Liquid Blast Adj. Paddle Included
- Full Carbon Construction
- CAD Designed Shape
- Gortex Self Venting Plug
- Recessed Standing Area
- Seamless Smooth EVA Deck Pad
- GoPro Mount
- Single US Fin System
- Luggage Handle
- Leash Plug
- Includes 9" Fin


Additional Info

Board Type Race
Length 14'0"
Width 26"
Volume 272L
Weight 24 lbs.
Fin System Single Fin
Deck Pad Diamond Cut EVA Foam
Construction EPS foam / Fiberglass layer / Carbon
Skill Level Intermediate
Recommended Weight Capacity Beginner: Up to 225 lbs. / Intermediate: Up to 255 lbs. / Advanced: Up to 280 lbs.
Stability Rating 11
Manufacturer Warranty 1-Year


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Customer Reviews (4)

Fast and stableReview by Spunout
I have about 9 or 10 hours on this board and am impressed with its combination of stability while still keeping its speed. I've been on other 26" wide boards that were just as fast but I wasn't as comfortable on. Any new board takes some time to just get a feel for it, and this one didn't take long at all. After only my second ride I felt like I didn't need to put much energy into balancing and could focus on my stroke. I would agree with the stability rating on this site. Seems to hold glide pretty good between strokes as well. Most of my time was spent on flat water, but I did get in some 2 foot chop/swells on Lake Michigan and the board seemed to handle it well and never felt unstable or hard to control. All in all, very happy at this point with my purchase and if you want a nice board for both fitness and racing, for the price I think this will be tough to beat. (Posted on 6/19/2018)
The best race board. Great deal.Review by Haak ("Hawk")
Amazing board. Very low price for how great of a board it is. Extremely light, fast, and agile. You use almost no energy to propel it through the water. Really tough, made from carbon fiber. Cuts through the water. An all around great board. (Posted on 8/17/2016)
Killer board- Smoking deal!Review by Jen K.
When I race the AlphaHawk, two words come to mind- FAST & TOUGH!
This board is light, cuts like a knife through the water & wants to GO.
In longer open water races I discovered its incredible edging ability. On one course, with the wind I was paddling mostly on one side, but using the AlphaHawk edges, I could lean, while paddling on my fresh side & still hold my line. The stock fin is perfect & the board tracks like a dream. Living in the mountains, the hit's it can take on rocks, do not phase this Carbon Fiber badass! Seriously epic deal for 1G!!!! It would be stupid to not buy it!! (Posted on 8/17/2016)
excellent race boardReview by Peter Sung
my progression:
- 12.5' x 31" touring
- 10.5' x 29" pocket touring
- 14' x 28" touring/racing
- and now, the alphahawk at 14' x 26"
- this morning, on my first long paddle on the alphahawk, i cut 40 min off my 12.5 mile route. i fell in only once
- the website rates the stability of this board as 11 but in my opinion, it's more like a 10 or 9
- the board is stiff and quiet
- easy to repair bc the finish is rough and barebones
- slices through the water beautifully
- very light and easy to grip handle
- a couple of cons:
- color scheme isn't all that pleasing to the eye
- a couple of rough spots, like it wasn't sanded properly or was repaired or something (i only care a little bit but worth mentioning)
- the handle is tied to the board and the know came loose and had to retie - will it happen again in the future at the wrong time? maybe
- am using stuck on tiedowns - would have been better if tiedowns were preinstalled

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