Sawyer Paddles TSR Race SUP Paddle


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The Team Sawyer Race (TSR) SUP Paddle offers supreme racing performance. Lightweight, durable, and maneuverable, the Sawyer Paddles TSR Race Paddle is like an extension of your own body, providing power behind every stroke. Available in a Rip 90, laminated Western Red Cedar and Dynel ToughEdge blade at 93 square inches or a CCG (cedar, carbon fiber and fiberglass) blade at 90, 95, or 100 square inches. The tapered oval Carbon Fiber shaft offers a great feel and indexing while the Ergo wooden grip fits comfortably in your hand for superior control. Offered in an 80” or 88” U-Cut shaft, paddleboarders are able to customize the length to their exact preferences.

- Tapered Oval Shaft
- Ergo Wooden Grip
- Carbon Fiber Race Shaft
- Rip 90 and TSR Carbon Blade Options


Additional Info

Surface Area 93 Inch2 | 90 Inch2 | 95 Inch2 | 100 Inch2
Blade Length 17" | 18" | 18" | 18"
Blade Width 7.5" | 7" | 7.5"| 8"
Blade Angle 11 degree
Grip Ergo Wooden Grip
Shaft Tapered Oval
Shaft Material Carbon
Weight 18 oz.


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