Sawyer Paddles Storm SUP 3-Piece Traveler Paddle


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Featuring the same, high-performance design as the Storm and adding an additional, convenient 3-piece travel construction, the Sawyer Paddle Storm SUP 3-Piece Traveler allows you to pack up and paddle anywhere. The ultra-durable CFRT (Continuous Fiber Reinforced) blade and fiberglass shaft provide excellent power transfer in every stroke. Available in both a 90 and 100 square inch blade for either fast cadence strokes or greater power, the Storm SUP 3-Piece Paddle is great for paddleboarders of all types. An 11° angle from blade to shaft allows for great power and a smooth transition. The Lever Lock Adjustable grip allows adjustability on the fly between 67"-83" while the TiteSet breakdown connection system is quick and easy to break down or put together, allowing a tight connection for optimal paddling. The Sawyer Paddles Storm 3-Piece Traveler Paddle comes with a nylon carrying bag and TiteSet tool.

- CFRT Blade Construction
- Durable Fiberglass Shaft
- Excellent Power Transfer
- Convenient 3-Piece Construction


Additional Info

Surface Area 90 Inch2 | 100 Inch2
Blade Length 19" | 20.75"
Blade Width 7.25" | 8"
Blade Angle 11 degree
Shaft 3-Piece Tubular Shaft
Shaft Material Fiberglass
Blade CFRT (Continuous Fiber Reinforced)
Weight 30 oz. | 32 oz.
Adjustable Range 67"-83"


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