Sawyer Paddles Mana Glass SUP Adjustable Paddle


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Convenient adjustability and inspiring wood construction make the Sawyer Paddles Mana Glass SUP Adjustable Paddle something to behold. Lightweight and durable, the Manna Glass Adjustable paddle offers two sizes of blade, the Rip 90 for faster, powerful strokes and the Rip 100 for greater power and stronger paddleboarders. Both blades feature a dual scoop/dihedral powerface to evenly release water off the blade for the smooth, powerful strokes negating blade flutter. Constructed with a laminated wood reinforced with fiberglass and a Dynel ToughEdge, the Manna Glass SUP blade has excellent impact resistance and durability. A tubular fiberglass shaft offers excellent durability and flex, making it easier on your joints. Topped with a QuickDraw Adjustable Grip, for comfort and convenience, this SUP paddle can be adjusted between 70"-86".

- Laminated Wood Blade Reinforced with Fiberglass
- QuickDraw Adjustable Grip
- Dynel ToughEdge
- Dual Scoop/Dihedral Blade Face


Additional Info

Surface Area 90 Inch2 | 100 Inch2
Blade Length 17" | 18"
Blade Width 7.5" | 8"
Blade Angle 11 degree
Grip QuickDraw Adjustable Grip
Shaft Tubular
Shaft Material Fiberglass
Blade Laminated Wood Reinforced with Fiberglass
Weight 30 oz.
Adjustable Range 70"-86"


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