Sawyer Paddles Mana Carbon SUP Paddle


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The Manna Carbon paddle comes available in three blade options, the Rip 90 for faster, powerful strokes, the Rip 100 for greater power and stronger paddleboarders, both which feature a dual scoop/dihedral powerface to evenly release water off the blade for the smooth, powerful strokes negating blade flutter. Constructed with a laminated wood reinforced with fiberglass and a Dynel ToughEdge, Rip 90 and Rip 100 have excellent impact resistance and durability. Also available in the Kai, an eco-friendly Bamboo blade with a universal teardrop shape for versatility. A tubular Carbon Fiber shaft offers extreme lightweight performance for low fatigue while paddling. The 88" U-Cut shaft allows for customized length per your exact specifications.

- Laminated Wood Blade Reinforced with Fiberglass
- Curled Palm Grip
- Dynel ToughEdge
- Dual Scoop/Dihedral Blade Face


Additional Info

Surface Area Kai | 90 Inch2 | 100 Inch2
Blade Length 18" | 17" | 18"
Blade Width 8.5" | 7.5" | 8"
Blade Angle 11 degree
Grip Curled Palm Grip
Shaft Material Carbon
Blade Bamboo | Laminated Wood Reinforced with Fiberglass
Weight 23-24 oz


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