Riviera Paddlesurf Bump Carbon Paddle


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The most technical paddle in Riviera’s lineup, the Bump Carbon Paddle gets its name from the unique carbon fiber weave throughout the shaft, giving it a “bumpy” feeling as well as added grip paddleboarders appreciate. Weighing in at approximately 17 oz, this SUP paddle remains excessively lightweight so you maintain energy for long distance excursions. The carbon shaft is extremely stiff, providing supreme durability and strength, so all of your power goes into the stroke.

The Bump Carbon Paddle comes in three blade sizes, all 17.25” long, you can choose from a 7.5", 8” or 8.5” blade width. The 7.5" blade width features Riviera's "Chokehold" extended ergo handle so paddlers are able to choke down on the paddle increasing torque during their stroke. The 8" and 8.5" blade widths come with the Ergo Grip Handle, fitting comfortably in your hand while the satin finish provides a textured, gritty feel.

- Carbon fiber weave through the shaft for grip
- Ergo Grip handle
- Extremely stiff carbon shaft


Additional Info

Surface Area 107 sq. in. | 110 sq. in. | 116 sq. in.
Blade Length 17.25"
Blade Width 7.5" | 8" | 8.5"
Blade Angle 10
Grip Ergo Grip Handle & Chokehold Extended Ergo Handle
Shaft Carbon Fiber Weave
Shaft Material Carbon
Weight 17oz


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