Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals Bend, Oregon

Visit Stand on Liquid in Bend, Oregon to find the best stand up paddle board rental rates in Central Oregon, as well as the biggest selection of boards in the Northwest. With over 40 bodies of water within an hour of the shop, you'll have endless possibilities to explore. Reserve your boards today by calling 541-639-4596.

Standard Performance Board Rental Rates:

$50 per 24 hours
$35 for 4 hours

Premium Performance Board Rental Rates::

$75 per 24 hours
$55 for 4 hours

* Board rentals include a paddle and a PFD. We also supply rack pads and tie-down straps, as needed.

Paddle-Only Rental Rates

1-piece or Aluminum Adjustable Paddle: $10
1-piece or Carbon Adjustable Paddle: $25

  • All rentals are for 24 hours. Multi-day rental rates are also available.
  • Same day rentals must be returned 15 minutes before closing.
  • A late fee may be added if products are returned four or more hours after rental due time.
  • Walk-ins are welcome, but you can assure your availability by calling us in advance:
  • All customers are responsible for full replacement value and/or repair cost of any stolen, broken, or lost gear beyond normal wear and tear. Rental insurance is available for $10.