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  • Differences Between Planing and Displacement Paddle Board Shapes

    differences between all around and touring SUP board shapesAny decision made when purchasing a paddle board has seemingly endless variables. From your size to the size of your budget, from flat water to ocean, and from planing to displacement hull shapes. Weighing in on advice from experts, including both your friends and your competitors is a great start. Continue reading


    bend whitewater park etiquetteAs you may know, Bend's new whitewater park opened this year! Now that the temperature is rising, more and more paddlers of all types will be flocking to the waves. If you're new to sharing the river, it can feel a little intimidating. We put together this crash course in river etiquette so every session on the water can be a fun one for everybody. Continue reading


    Paddle board safety tips and gearAs the days get longer and hotter, we increasingly find ourselves on the water. A little preparation goes a long way towards having a fun summer on your stand up paddleboard. Today, we'll go over some summer safety gear and basics. Continue reading

  • Paddle Board Yoga - Get Your Zen On

    A fun way to spend time on the water that's really taking off.

    I was thinking how far the paddleboard sport has come in just the past six to seven years. So many of us embrace the opportunity to get out on the water. The ability to detach, connect with nature while getting some exercise inspires people from everywhere to SUP (stand up paddle). Now, not only paddling is popular ~ for paddling's sake ~ but so is SUP Yoga. This SUP Yoga phenomenon has taken off! If you like yoga, who wouldn't love practicing yoga poses and flowing on a paddleboard while floating calmly on the water. Yes, I said "calmly!"
    Continue reading

  • 10 Things We're Grateful For

    With 2015 coming to a close, the team at Stand on Liquid would like to take a moment to reflect on the many things we're grateful for, as well as what we're looking forward to in the coming year. Here's our list: Continue reading

  • Standup Paddle Gift Guide

    Stand On Liquid SUP Gift Guide
    Looking for holiday gift ideas for the SUP enthusiast in your life, but don't know where to start? Stand On Liquid has your back! Check out our handy Gift Guide for gifts big & small that will wow your paddler. Continue reading

  • Changing Seasons

    So what happens at a high altitude paddleboard company when the board shorts and T's are swapped for flannels and Kuhls? Quite a bit, actually. In fact, I'd argue that come October and November, we're busier than ever, just in a different way. Continue reading

  • Christmas in May!

    Last week, a customer came by our shop around the same time a big semi rolled in, packed to the gills with 100+ brand new paddle boards. The team eagerly unloaded the truck, and every time we came across one of our debut boards, we quickly unpacked it and propped it up for all to see. Continue reading

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