Naish Quest Alana 11'2" Soft Top Paddle Board


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Featuring vibrant colors with a soft, 3mm EVA full deck pad, the Quest Alana 11’2” Soft Top paddle board is the perfect platform for cruising lakes and rivers or taking your SUP yoga to the next level. Performing well in a variety of conditions, with added impact resistance of a soft top construction, the Alana Soft Top is a great option for the beginner paddleboarder, SUP schools, and rental fleets. And if you're tired of taking it slow, use the M8 insert on deck to hook up your favorite windsurfing rig and let the wind carry you onward. Extra width through the nose, midsection, and tail with a max width of 32” gives the Quest Alana Soft Top an extremely stable platform for paddlers of all experience levels. With a high volume, this stand up paddle board is sturdy in all conditions or if you plan to do some tandem riding. A quad-concave bottom shape provides excellent tracking and glide performance. Featuring a contoured deck, full rails, and a square tail, this SUP offers a huge sweet spot as well as excellent stability.

The Quest Alana Soft Top uses a closed-cell EPS foam core with a glass matrix deck and bottom for an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The incorporated, 3mm EVA deck adds traction and impact resistance finished with a high-temperature, pressurized aluminum molding.

- Ledge Handle
- Quest Soft Top EVA Deck Pad
- Durable, Impact-Resistant Construction
- M8 Insert for Windsurfing


Additional Info

Board Type All Around, Windsurf Crossover
Discount $0.00
Length 11'2"
Width 32"
Thickness 5"
Volume 220L
Weight 34.6lbs
Fin System Single
Construction Glass Matrix Deck and Bottom with 3mm EVA Soft Top
Skill Level Beginner
Stability Rating 14


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