Naish Maliko 14'0" Carbon Paddle Board


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Even more efficient than its predecessor, the Naish Maliko 14’0” Carbon paddleboard performs at the top of the paddling game. A full nose with a dihedral shape down into the deck disperses water from the hull and keeps the board above water in chop and when riding downwind runs while allowing it to pop up during sprints to hit high speeds. The wider tail provides greater stability allowing paddlers to ride a more narrow board than what they are used to. This wider tail and narrow outline also creates a more hydrodynamic board, reducing drag for greater glide performance. A beveled rail in the nose raises the rail rocker line while also keeping the center line straight and efficient, offering a more forgiving ride in chop and side-wind conditions.

The Naish Maliko Carbon is constructed with a high-density PVC sandwich deck and rails for great durability and impact resistance. Wood reinforcement in the deck adds load spread while the carbon fiber bottom keeps the Maliko exceptionally durable while remaining lightweight for high-performance racing.

- Leash Plug
- Ledge handle
- Pro EVA Deck Pad
- Self-Venting Air Valve


Additional Info

Board Type Race
Body Weight (lbs) 100 to 200
Length 14'0"
Width 28"
Thickness 6.375"
Volume 281L
Weight 25.9lbs
Fin System Single
Skill Level Intermediate
Stability Rating 10


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