Naish Hokua 9'6" GTW Paddle Board


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The most stable of the GTW series, the Naish Hokua 9'6" GTW Surf SUP maintains high-performance in surf with additional stability for larger riders. Designed to perform between the high-performance, Carbon Pro series and the more stable, Hokua x32 series, the Hokua GTW provides ample stability while remaining lightweight and maneuverable. A collaboration with Gerry Lopez, the Hokua GTW uses a rocker design that creates a large sweet spot for effortless take-off and responsive surfing. A quad+1 fin system allows riders to customize their fin setup depending on their conditions and performance style. Optimal for intermediate to advanced paddle boarders up to 220lbs.

The Hokua GTW features a molded EPS closed-cell core covered in a visible wood sandwich deck and wood bottom for an energetic flex and natural load spread. A half-deck glass reinforcement adds impact resistance and durability, with a glass matrix deck and bottom for an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

- Ledge Handle
- GTW EVA Deck Pad
- Leash Plug
- Self-venting Air Valve


Additional Info

Board Type Surf
Body Weight (lbs) 200 to 300
Length 9'6"
Width 29.75"
Thickness 4.5"
Volume 145L
Weight 20.4lbs
Fin System Quad+1; GTW US 6.5 (1), GTW FCS side fins (2)
Item Construction GTW
Skill Level Intermediate
Stability Rating 10


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