KIALOA Pipes II Carbon Adjustable Paddle


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The smaller outline of the Pipes II Carbon Adjustable SUP Paddle perfectly suits female paddleboards, those with a higher cadence style, or those looking for a paddle with a lower impact on their body. The 83 square inch blade gives you power in a smaller outline that is easy on the body. KIALOA added their internal carbon edgebanding to the carbon foam core blade for a highly durable blade that will last you through years of use. The durable, responsive carbon shaft has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and superb energy transfer during the stroke phase to pack a lot of power in this versatile SUP paddle. The Pipes II Carbon Adjustable SUP paddle is topped with a 6" Pro-T insert for adjustability on the fly to cater to your conditions or share with friends and family.

- Small Carbon Foam Core blade for more gentle power
- PowerARC™ blade profile for a solid catch
- Internal carbon edgebanding for stellar blade durability
- 6” Pro-T™ insert for personal length adjustment
- Light and responsive carbon shaft


Additional Info

Surface Area 83 Inch2
Blade Length 16.5"
Blade Width 7.125"
Blade Angle 12 degree
Grip 6" Pro-T
Shaft Round
Shaft Material Carbon, Fiberglass
Blade Carbon/Epoxy
Weight 22 oz.
Item Construction Carbon/Fiberglass Shaft with Carbon Epoxy Blade


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