KIALOA Insanity Carbon Paddle


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Incredibly strong and exceedingly lightweight, the KIALOA Insanity Carbon Fiber fixed length paddle will astound your senses. Weighing 17 oz. at the 86” maximum length, this ultra-light paddle feels like feathers in your hands. Maintain energy to paddle long distances with the recycled carbon Fibrlite™ blade and carbon fiber shaft, bringing superb durability and lightness. Paddleboarders love the responsivity that the ridged shaft provides.

KIALOA likes to provide options to choose from. The Insanity Carbon paddle comes in two blade sizes, both with a 16 ½” length. The large blade features 91 sq. inch surface area with a max width of 8” while the small blade has a 7 ⅛” width for 83 sq. inches.

- Carbon Ergo-T™ Grip provides the greatest level of control and allows for a relaxed hand position.
- Carbon shaft has the highest energy transfer during the paddle stroke.
- Offers the highest strength to weight ratio.
- Carbon Fibrlite™ blade is lightweight with unmatched impact resistance.


Additional Info

Surface Area 83 Inch2 | 91 Inch2
Blade Length 16.5"
Blade Width 7.125" | 8"
Blade Angle 10 degree
Grip Carbon Ergo-T™
Shaft Round
Shaft Material Carbon
Blade Carbon Fibrlite™
Weight 17 oz.
Adjustable Range Fixed
Item Construction Recycled Carbon Fibrlite™ blade and Carbon Fiber shaft


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