KIALOA Insanity Carbon Blend Adjustable Paddle


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The KIALOA Insanity Carbon Blend Adjustable Paddle is insanely light and durable plus it's adjustable to boot! The Carbon/Fiberglass blended shaft combines the best features of each material to bring you light weight, durability, and performance into one, high-quality paddle that you will enjoy sharing with friends and family. The Carbon Flibrlite™ blade is created with post-manufacturing (pre-baby) recycled diaper scraps for ultimate rigidity and impact resistance in a blade you can feel good knowing helped to reduce waste. The comfortable, durable Utilit-T™ gives paddleboarders 16" of adjustability between 70-86" for adjustability on the fly.

- PowerARC™ blade profile for a solid catch
- Durable rubber coated ABS Utili-T™ Grip
- Durable and responsive carbon/fiberglass blend shaft
- Carbon Fibrlite™ blade is lightweight with unmatched impact resistance


Additional Info

Surface Area 83 Inch2 | 91 Inch2
Blade Length 16.5"
Blade Width 7.125" | 8"
Blade Angle 10 degree
Grip Rubberized ABS Utili-T™ Handle
Shaft Round
Shaft Material Carbon, Fiberglass
Blade Carbon Fibrlite™
Weight 23 oz.
Adjustable Range 70-86"
Item Construction Carbon/Fiberglass Shaft with Carbon Fiberlite™ Blade


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