Hala Daze 11'11" Inflatable Paddle Board


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The Hala Daze 11'11" inflatable paddle board is designed to be loaded up with tons of gear and has a weight capacity of 500 plus pounds. Constructed with Hala's Core Construction, the Daze is extremely durable and rigid.The Daze the ultimate expedition board with incredible stability, a progressive rocker, and perfect for whitewater, river runner, overnight paddling trips, and family fun. The Daze also features 12 soft rigging attachment points, so you can bring all your gear for those self-assist paddling trips.

Hala's Core Construction uses the toughest drop-stitching available combined with Hala’s specialized double-layer sidewall PVC construction. Prior to adding the outer PVC layer, the initial layer features internal fibers that have been coated in a liquid PVC to create a more durable and resilient sidewall.

- Core Construction
- Swallowtail and Progressive Rocker
- Reinforced stainless D-rings
- 3-year warranty

- Backcountry rolling backpack
- Dual-action HP pump
- 12v electric pump
- Flex fins
- Repair kit


Additional Info

Board Type Inflatable, All Around, Whitewater
Length 11'11"
Width 42"
Thickness 8"
Volume 605L
Weight 42lbs
Fin System Quad+1 Fin
Construction Drop Stitch & Double-Layer PVC
Skill Level Beginner
Stability Rating 14
Manufacturer Warranty 3-Year



Customer Reviews (3)

Leave No Paddler Behind, The Ultimate Party BoardReview by Adi
This board is a beast! So much fun for long group paddles when you have a bunch of friends who want to go but only a couple boards. We have easily fit 3 people, 2 dogs and a cooler on this board and still had room to breathe. He glides easily through the water and picks up speed quick which was surprising for it’s massive size. The cadillac of the open water, The Hala Daze is a super fun way to take the party to the water or just carry a lot of stuff without feeling cramped on longer expeditions.
(Posted on 10/11/2018)
Mega Board, Mega Fun!!Review by Ashley B.
This here is a big, big board. It's like a raft without all those thwarts in the way. Like a fishing rig without the oars in the way. It's like a paddleboard, without the limitation of just one person with a small amount of gear. It's in a league all its own: it is the Daze. You can rig your fishing cooler, your dog, and your boyfriend, and still have room to move around the board. Why stop at one cooler? Plenty of room for a beer cooler, too. Its gargantuan size does mean that it is less responsive than a normal board, but that shouldn't be a surprise. You don't get on a Daze because you want to be nimble. You get on a Daze because you want to power through huge waves, smooth out chop, and glide over wave trains like a magnificent rubber dory. Take it on an expedition, take it on a fishing trip, and take your friends too. (Posted on 10/4/2018)
Great to paddle with friends!Review by Nadia
This board is so much fun to paddle with friends and family!! From hanging out and paddling it on the lake to paddling it down river…and more….. the Daze delivers so much group fun on every single river trip. Take one along on a multi day to teach stand up boarding and to build solo confidence, introduce non paddlers, kayakers, and rafters to Stand up. With all the added stability and size its easy to pack all the gear you need for a multi day self support on this board! Its a blast! (Posted on 9/27/2018)

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