FCS SUP Travel Cover 10'6" Board Bag


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Before you head out for your paddling adventure, make sure your board is protected? The FCS SUP Travel Cover 10'6" Board Bag will keep your SUP protected from outside elements. Constructed with 10mm high-density, closed cell foam padding, the Travel Cover provides the comfiest of nests for your paddle board. Designed for paddleboards up to 32” wide and 5” thick, the Travel Cover will ensure your SUP's longevity. Make it easy to pack up and load your board with the durable, full length moulded PK Delrin zipper with padded rail protection and comfortable, padded handles and shoulder strap. Your board can breathe easy in its case with the built-in air vent to regulate the temperature inside the board bag. Protecting and securing your paddle is made easy with a separate cover and internal paddle attachment. The Travel Cover board bag comes with a material repair kit.

- Reinforced zones at critical weight bearing points
- Includes separate paddle cover
- Internal paddle attachment system
- Air vent


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Board Bag Type All Around , Surf
Length 10'6"
Width 32"
Thickness 5"


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