Boga Typhoon 14'0" Stock Paddle Board


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An exquisitely designed racing SUP, the BOGA Typhoon 14’, will have you itching to get on the water. BOGA's team of experts took what the racers were asking for and gave it to them with speed, performance, and stability. A finely crafted reverse bow nose, what BOGA refers to as a “slippery” bow, keeps the paddle board from steering from the nose while drafting or on downwind runs. The large, single concave bottom shape running from center through the tail provides stability SUP racers love while allowing the board to pop up on plane for fast starts and sprints. Able to hit over 7mph, the Typhoon 14’ stand up paddleboard will keep you ahead of the pack and out of draft trains. The newly designed top removes raised rails for greater maneuverability on deck. Raised tail kick allows for greater pivoting and buoy turns.

- Single BOGA glass race fin
- GORE no maintenance vent
- Handle for easy carrying
- GoPro camera mount


Additional Info

Board Type Race
Body Weight (lbs) 200 to 300
Length 14'0"
Width 27.75"
Volume 270L
Weight 29lbs
Fin System Single Fin
Item Construction 1LB EPS Carbon bottom and glass top Vacuum Bagged Bamboo + Epoxy Construction.
Skill Level Intermediate
Stability Rating 10


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