BOGA Hipster 8'2" Paddleboard


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An absolute favorite for the BOGA team, the Hipster 8'2" SUP is an insanely fun board to ride. Designed for waves waist to chest high, the Hipster shreds like you wouldn't believe. And its size is deceptively deceiving as the 32" width and 8'2" height provide superb stability though it surfs like a board at least 3" more narrow and 4" shorter. With incredible drive, the Hipster stays light on waves and remains super loose for ultimate maneuverability. A wide nose provides SUP surfers with a great platform for nose rides and can really cut through chop. Out back the parallel outline moves into a hip reduction in the tail (the outline has pulled in hips in the tail area) which allows for Simmons shape like drive and speed but with quicker rail to rail performance.

- GORE no maintenance vent
- GoPro camera mount
- Easy Carry Handle


Additional Info

Board Type Surf
Body Weight (lbs) 100 to 200
Length 8'2"
Width 32"
Thickness 4.25"
Volume 124L
Weight 22lbs
Fin System Quad+1 Fin
Item Construction Wood Sandwich Construction
Skill Level Intermediate
Stability Rating 11


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