Badfish SliMVP 9'0" Paddle Board


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A lower volume version of the MVP, the Badfish SliMVP 9’0” is perfect for smaller paddleboarders or female riders who want a fun ride for some sick whitewater paddling. The short, 9’0” profile allows the SliMVP to remain highly maneuverable and easily fit into small eddies while maintaining stability. A little over 34” wide, the SliMVP provides great stability for newer paddlers getting into the sport. LiftSUP traction pad allows for easy transport or security when off the water and stores away nicely to keep you from tripping up while you’re hitting some heavy white water.

Innegra-Glass Krypto-Mat construction uses a stringer-less, high-density EPS core hand laminated with a blend of pure Innegra and fiberglass cloths and topped with an epoxy resin for an incredible impact resistance.

- EVA Deck Pad
- Arch Bar
- Nose and tail handles
- Tail kick


Additional Info

Board Type Whitewater
Body Weight (lbs) 200 to 300
Length 9'0"
Width 34.6875"
Thickness 6.5625"
Volume 258L
Fin System Single
Item Construction Innegra Glass Krypto-Mat
Skill Level Intermediate
Stability Rating 11


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