Badfish Badfisher 11'0" Inflatable Paddle Board


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Get ready to reel in monsters of the deep on the Badfisher 11’ Inflatable SUP. A higher vantage point means paddleboarders spot fish further out, allowing for a stealthier approach to catch them unaware! Building off of the stability and maneuverability of the MCIT, anglers will appreciate the Badfisher paddle board’s expansive 39” width providing increased stability and further room to move around. A recessed standing area keeps you and your gear secure with a lower center of gravity while the high drop stitching in the deck provides the rigidity you need to fight and land those fish. Durable cone hull protects against rocks, docks, and other hard surfaces.

The Badfisher Inflatable allows you to navigate more difficult areas otherwise unfishable. Sneak into coves, paddle up narrow rivers, and fish shallow bays inaccessible to larger crafts. Attached rubber side bite fins allow for shallow river riding while the detachable center fin improves tracking and glide performance on deeper rivers and lakes. Multiple D-rings, as well as Scotty Paddlesports attachment plates, provide ample storage for gear, tackle, and coolers. Comes with “flap” backpack, high volume pump, inline pressure gauge, and rubber patch repair kit.

- The rigid drop stitch deck sits below the rail height, lowering the paddlers center of gravity, resulting in increased stability while casting, fighting, and landing fish
- Scotty Paddlesports attachment plates and a variety of D-rings for attaching crates and cooler
- Proven high-density drop stitch construction making the Badfisher very rigid for better performance
- Equipped with glued on rubber side bite fins and a detachable center fin allowing for versatility and options when paddling in deep waters or shallow rivers and lakes


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Board Type Fishing, Inflatable, Whitewater
Length 11'0"
Width 40"
Thickness 4"
Fin System 2+1 Fin
Construction High-density Drop Stitch
Skill Level Beginner
Stability Rating 15


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