Bic SUP Air River 9'2" Paddle Board


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Heavily tested and developed with Bic SUP’s whitewater ambassadors, the Air River 9’2” Paddle Board crushes rapids and takes on river waves with tenacity. At 9’2”x36”, the Air River is highly maneuverable and stable for riding rough waters. The 6” drop stitch, 15 max psi, and dyneema stringer provide excellent rigidity and structure to the board. Slight nose and tail rocker reduce pearling when surfing and help to keep the paddleboard above water through holes. Multiple side, nose and tail handles allow for easy re-access when needed and help secure extra gear. Optimal for running rivers, Bic SUP used a highly durable PVC construction to ensure you don’t get caught downstream without a board. Quad attached flex-fins allow for shallow river running, providing great maneuverability while the detachable center fin adds stability and tracking in deeper waters. The Bic SUP Air River 9’2” comes standard with a backpack, dual-action pump with gauge, repair kit, and paddle.

The Bic SUP Air River 9'2" features a Dyneema stringer to provide a stiffer, more structured board. This as well as the 6” drop stitching allow you to feel comfortable and stable while racing down rivers.

- Deck Bungee System
- Multiple Grab Handles
- Dyneema Stringer
- Includes backpack, dual action pump with pressure gauge, repair kit, and paddle


Additional Info

Board Type Inflatable, Whitewater
Length 9'2"
Width 36"
Thickness 6"
Volume 270L
Weight 20lbs
Fin System Quad + 1
Skill Level Beginner
Stability Rating 11


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