• Changing Seasons

    So what happens at a high altitude paddleboard company when the board shorts and T's are swapped for flannels and Kuhls? Quite a bit, actually. In fact, I'd argue that come October and November, we're busier than ever, just in a different way.

    We start by offering screaming deals on rental boards (almost gone now) and on current inventory we're trying to move. A few examples: the Stand on Liquid Ranger (marked down from $1,299 to $899) and Newport Air inflatable ($949 to $806); the Tahoe Bliss ($1,699 to $1,299); and the Odyssey Surf ($949 to $699).

    We begin to plan for the holidays--while they don't quite fit under the tree, paddleboards still make for the perfect gift (we've even got giant red bows)!

    We sell lots of board bags, gift certificates, and hoodies. And organize the heck out of the warehouse.

    And most important, we look hard at next year's lineup, considering everything from how one particular deck pad may affect foot comfort over the course of a long paddle, to ways we can shave a few ounces off of next year's women's touring board.

    In short, we're busy making sure 2016 will be even better than 2015!


  • Northwest Paddlefest

    Last weekend Q and I traveled to Issaquah's Lake Samammish for the Northwest Paddling Festival. It was a hoot. Not only was the weather Seattle-perfect-75 degrees, blue skies, light breeze, pine-scented air-but the crowd was large, enthusiastic, and full of smiles. Continue reading

  • Christmas in May!

    Last week, a customer came by our shop around the same time a big semi rolled in, packed to the gills with 100+ brand new paddle boards. The team eagerly unloaded the truck, and every time we came across one of our debut boards, we quickly unpacked it and propped it up for all to see. Continue reading

  • Paddle Board Review: The Chelan Air

    While not technically new to our lineup, we're really psyched about the Chelan Air. Without a doubt, the improvements we made to the 2015 model make it superior to its predecessor. Continue reading

  • The Shoreline Makes Its Debut

    On this past Sunday, Mother's Day, my family and I enjoyed a stop at Suttle Lake just west of Sisters, Oregon en route home from camping at Belknap Hot Springs. Continue reading

  • What Does Stability Mean?

    Picking a Stable SUP

    The Bounce SUP Super Cruiser 11'6" Touring Paddle Board is considered one of the most stable boards on the market. But what does that mean? How stability is measured differs from sport to sport. It means one thing for surfers and another for stand up paddle boards. Continue reading

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