Have you ever stood on the banks, cheering on a SUP race and you thought to yourself, "I want to do that!" Now is your chance. Good equipment is great, but good training is critical. Follow these tips to unleash your inner SUP racer & you'll be having podium dreams in no time. Continue reading


    Hey you on the couch! Yeah you, the one staring longingly at your stand up paddleboard! It may still be snowing in the mountains, but it's the perfect time to start training for the SUP season. If you want to hit the water with gusto this spring, try these four exercises to transform your off-season self into a mean, lean, paddling machine. Do this routine at least three times a week to improve your SUP strength before the season begins.
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  • Paddle Board Yoga - Get Your Zen On

    A fun way to spend time on the water that's really taking off.

    I was thinking how far the paddleboard sport has come in just the past six to seven years. So many of us embrace the opportunity to get out on the water. The ability to detach, connect with nature while getting some exercise inspires people from everywhere to SUP (stand up paddle). Now, not only paddling is popular ~ for paddling's sake ~ but so is SUP Yoga. This SUP Yoga phenomenon has taken off! If you like yoga, who wouldn't love practicing yoga poses and flowing on a paddleboard while floating calmly on the water. Yes, I said "calmly!"
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    As I looked into the crystal clear water, I could see trout swimming just beneath me. I cast my fly in their direction and held my breath as it floated over the top of their silvery flashes. Peering into the water and BAM!, a monster fish took my fly and I quickly reeled it in. Continue reading

  • The Power of a Paddle...With Your Dog

    Grab your furry friend and hit the water for a mind-shift in the right direction.

    It was noon on a Wednesday, middle of a work-week and middle of the day. The sun was out but it wasn't what you'd call "hot". A balmy 53 to be exact. It would have been easy to just hit the gym for 30-minutes on the elliptical. Instead I decided to go for a paddle with my dog, Sierra, on my lunch hour. Continue reading

  • Lovers, Divorce and a Big, White Cross

    You heard it right. With just one paddle, you can experience it all.

    Off the main beach of Cabo San Lucas, there's a stunning pair of beaches accessible only by water-taxi or by paddling. I recommend SUPing to them for a beautiful adventure. Continue reading

  • A New Perspective - Take A Vacation

    Take a few minutes on your vacation to gain a new perspective.

    Recently, I was on a beach trip with some girl friends. Time away from kids, work and the winter grind.Our daily agenda was really Groundhog's Day: up in the morning for coffee and a walk; down to the Mango Deck for lunch, lounge chairs and such; evening shower, dinner and dancing until late. Repeat. The goal of our day was to relax and recharge. No one deviated from this plan except me. Continue reading

  • SUP Into Spring: Destination List

    Dreaming of crystal blue waters, tropical beaches or paddling with manatees? Stop drooling over dreamy Instagram pictures and plan your own Spring SUP Getaway! Sure, there might be snow on the ground but now's the time to turn those dreams into reality. We've lined up four amazing destinations to stoke the Spring Break fires! Continue reading

  • SUP Board Storage Tips

    Not everyone who purchases a stand up paddle board lives close enough to the water to use it regularly. Whether you live in a temperate, tropical or polar climate, you've got to store your board properly to ensure that it stays in tip-top condition and ready for your next SUP excursion. Continue reading

  • Cold Weather SUP Gear

    Here in the Pacific Northwest we're experiencing one heck of a winter. It's easy to think SUP season is over, but then you would miss out on the beauty of paddling along snow-lined banks, seeing animal tracks and enjoying the silence that only snow can bring! Continue reading

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